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Azeroth Alliance Raiders of Ghostlands

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Azeroth Alliance Raiders is a 25man raiding guild, we raid 3 nights / reset.
Wednesday 20:15-23:00
Sunday 20:15-23:00
Monday 20:15-23:00

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Change in Guildmasters
17/07/2011 07:07 by Bazza

Just to formalise the recent changes amongst the Officers within AA and AAR.

Grarlex has taken over the role of GM of AAR on Grane from Blacksoul for the forseeable future.

Bazza has taken over the GM Role within AA on Dkbazz whilst Grarlex carries out his AAR duties.

AAH has now been closed and disbanded.

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Forum changes
17/09/2009 21:41 by Grarlex

After vigorously protesting, I've now succumbed to the idea of many-many sub forums for classes/specs in the Raiding section on the forum :)
I've moved the old one to the archives and locked it. I'll lock the others in the archives as well, as it's meant to be just that - archives of old posts. If you feel there's relevant posts in the archives feel free to link to them or ask a moderator to put it in the proper forum.

Grarlex/Grane et al.

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