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Welcome to Wrath of the Lich King
12/11/2008 23:20 by Grarlex.

With the release of Wrath of the Lich King we've decided it's time to make some guild changes. We've worked out a new set of ranks and a set of rules. We'll add rules for raiding when the time comes, and might do some changes to the base rules as we move along. Any changes we do will be posted on the front page of the guild site.

    Guild Goal
    Have a mature social guild that makes your game fun to play. We will provide raiding for those that are at that point in the game, but raid progression is not our main goal.

    Guild Rules

    • All players that join are placed at Initiate rank regardless of character level for a two week trial period. Once approved by management you will be placed at appropriate rank. Alts of already approved members will be moved to their appropriate rank immediatly.
    • No bots, buying of powerleveling or gold is allowed.
    • Don't abuse other players - not in chat and not in character.
    • Keep in mind you represent our guild - so behave when you're using public chat channels like trade, general and LFG.
    • No ninja looting - if you can't/won't use the item don't roll need for it.
    • No begging/scamming.
    • You're expected to comply if addressed by guild management (or raid leader if you're raiding). If you feel you're treated wrong let the Guildmaster or an Overseer know and we'll deal with it.
    • No excessive use of profanity or sexually explicit language.
    • Respect other players mature language filter setting - don't substitute characters or misspell words to get around it.
    • There's no limit on the amount of characters you can have in Azeroth Alliance. If you have 2 accounts feel free to bring 20 characters :)
    • We have a loose form of management consisting of Guild Master, Overseers and Deputies. These are appointed based on need by the existing management

    Guild Ranks
    • 10: Guildmaster
    • 9: Overseer - Manage the guild bank and 2nd in command.
    • 8: Deputy - Handles guild disputes and monitor guild chat/behaviour.
    • 7: Raid leader - Responsible for scheduling raids and leading them.
    • 6: Raider - Players that have been approved by a raid leader as decent raiders (follows rules and behaves)
    • 5: Raid Initiate - Approved by a class leader based on gear and spec as ready for raiding. Needs some amount of raid attendance and approval by raid leaders to be moved on to Raider.
    • 4: Northrendian: 68 - 80
    • 3: Outlander: 58 - 67
    • 2: Azerothian: 1 - 57
    • 1: Initiate - initial 2 week trial rank. Tagged on officer note with date of joining. Must have read and agree to rules to be moved to appropriate rank.

    Guild bank
    • The first 3 tabs will have quest items, recipes, consumables and materials relevant to the levels that can withdraw.
    • Withdrawals will be set to one per day.
    • Initiates will not have any access to the bank for the period they are on trial.
    • Guildees are requested to make item donations to the bank through In-Game Mail to Bazza or Grane.
    • Items from Page 5 are available for 50% of the current AH prices.
    • We don't supply guild bank loans.
    • No selling of guild bank items are allowed. It's provided for your use and not as an alternate form of income.

    Bank tabs
    • Open for Rank 2 (Azerothians).
    • 1: Open for rank 3 (Outlanders).
    • 2: Open for rank 4 (Northrendians).
    • 3: Raid Materials. Open for raid leaders and above.
    • 4: Epic and Rares.

    All current members have been set to initiate rank - you will be moved to appropriate rank by telling an officer that you agree to the new rules, either in-game or using wow-mail.


    None yet.

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