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Changes to raiding
05/04/2009 12:05 by Grarlex.

We've had a good 4 months now using the current raiding system in Azeroth Alliance. It's not working out as we hoped, and we're trying a different approach.

What we'll do is make a new raiding wing of AA organized as a separate guild. This is something we did back in BC aswell when we formed Azeroth Alliance Raiders, and we hope that we can repeat the success now.

The new guild will focus on serious raiding. Not hard-core, but it will require of its members to be serious about it. There will be rules like a required minimum ammount of attendance to raids, and we'll keep on recruiting players until we can run the days we schedule.

This also means there will be no guild organized raiding in AA anymore. Not saying we'll stop anyone from raiding, just that the the guild won't organize it.

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