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Changes to logins/roster
31/07/2009 15:36 by Grarlex.

I've done some extensive updates to both the website roster and the users.
This means that some of you might find your accounts deactivated and some might miss alt info. I have deactivated all accounts that don't match an in-guild character name - If your affected by this please send me an in-game message on Grane, Grarlex or Gragny, or email me at grarlex@gmail.com and I'll change your login to match a character and activate your account.

This is done because we've been around for quite a while and had a lot of old accounts and players listed on our roster (close to 100 unused accounts). Hope it won't affect you too much :)

Grarlex/Grane/Gragny/Grandius etc etc...


None yet.

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